Founder & CTO

Jeff Barlow

I over see all Accounting, Payroll, Banking and Solar financing relationships. I work closely with our COO and sales teams to make sure we keep our focus on getting quality installs completed and funded in a timely fashion. I have personal relationships with the biggest solar financing companies in the space. GoodLeap, Sunlight and Everbright. I work close with each company so we get the best rates possible.

My solar journey started in 2018. I worked with other large companies doing 8 figures in installation revenue. I worked along side and managed installation crews, financing department and sales teams. Doing so helped me understand all aspects of the solar industry. We started Generation Solar in 2019. Within the 1st year of business we got our first acquisition offer. We declined that offer due to the vision of the acquisition company. From that time we have received 4 other acquisition offers.
Our Key to success is we focus on quality, fast installs and having the best customer experience.

I have been in the construction space my whole adult carrier. I started a General Contracting company in 2012 named X1 Builders LLC. We built Hotels and Apartment complex’s ranging from 30,000 to 200,000 square feet per project. Over the course of 7 years we built over 2MM plus square feet of buildings throughout the Midwest.

At an early age i went to work on projects with my dad. He taught me the meaning of working hard and getting the job done right. After high school i went to a trade school learning about construction business, law and management. I still use those skills today.
I love this industry. I love the fulfillment it gives each customer. I love hearing Homeowners tell us “how they feel they are doing their part for the environment while saving money”. Im really exited for the future of this industry. We have a bright future along with a lot of changes coming to the renewable energy space. Most of all we have a lot of work to do to continue our mission of becoming the best solar installation company on the market.

I’m a Father proud of 2 Daughters, ages 13 and 4. Favorite sport is Golf. Love playing outdoors, boating and most important is family.