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We are one of the nations leading solar providers. Providing installations for some of the biggest solar sales companies in the United States. We specialize in custom designs, quality products and efficient installations. We are one of the nations most reliable solar installers and we specialize in ongoing customer service for your homes solar project. 

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    Christine B.

    Everybody showed up on time and got it done.

      Jennifer K.

      You guys are on top of things.

        Trevor B.

        You guys are very respectful and amazing.

          Steven M.

          The installers were professional and the communication with you guys has been awesome!

            C. Scheid

            - Compared to the 2 companies I have worked with, you have been the best, so just keep doing your best to keep your customers happy.

              Robert C.

              I have partnered with different solar companies before and so far you're the best I've partnered with.

                Geraldine H.

                Everything was good with the communication with Generation solar.

                  S. Anderson

                  Everything went really smoothly.

                    Kevin P.

                    5 out of 5. Excellent communication. Everything was great.

                    Your Questions.. Answered!

                    There are many benefits to going solar. The number one reason why our customers report going solar makes sense is due to fixed predictability. When you go solar you know what you’re going to pay and you know that that bill will never go up. No more surprise emails from the utility company telling you that they’re doing yet another 7% rate increase for the year and there’s nothing you can do about it. We empower people to take control of their power situation.

                    Currently the United States is running more than 76% on nonrenewable sources such as burning fossil fuels to power our homes and cities. When you go solar, you unplug from that non renewable scenario and plug into the power of the sun. The sun comes up day after day and as time goes on Solar customers create a beneficial compounding effect on our environment. It means we need less fossil fuels to power our homes and cities. We look forward to helping the world and its transition to clean, renewable, sustainable energy!

                    When you go solar the utility company will come out and put a new meter on the side of your home where are your current digital meter sits. This new meter is called a “net meter”. It keeps track of how much power your home is generating from the sun. On sunny days when your home is producing more power than it’s consuming, it will send the surplus power back to the utility company. This power gets credited to your account so you can use that power at night time when the sun is not up! It’s simple and effective! Every utility company has different rules and regulations around how it pays you back for your extra power. Be sure to speak with one of our energy consultants about net metering. They will make sure you get all of the details for your home.

                    Think of it like snow on the windshield of a car. When the sun eventually comes out a little bit of light still gets through the snow covered panels, which is typically enough to allow the panels to start to generate small amount of electricity and warmth which also helps speed up the snow melting from those panels! Then you’re back to producing clean, affordable solar power!

                    Absolutely you can go off grid with solar! You’ll need a special battery for your house to make sure you have enough storage to run all of your needs during the night and during cloudy or rainy days. Speak with one of our energy consultants to get all the details for your specific home. These batteries vary in size depending on the demands of your home. We have helped many people achieve off grid sustainability. We are confident we can help you too!

                    Depending on how your system is created you may still receive a electric bill from the utility company. However if your roof has enough space typically our goal is to cover 100% of your power so that you will no longer receive electric bills from the utility company. You may still receive a utility connection charge which varies from utility company to utility company. On average this connection charge ranges from about $8-$12 per month.

                    If your home has a backup battery your solar panels will still work during a blackout.

                    Financing options vary depending on each person and their individual credit rating and a few other factors. Be sure to speak with one of our energy consultants to get the specific details for you and your home.

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